Cannabis eCommerce
built for Delivery

Start or improve your delivery by adopting Verda's eCommerce
and logistics.

Simple Setup

Our team does custom onboarding for each business. You now have an outsourced eCommerce team at your disposal.

More Functionality, for Less

Complex taxes, delivery profit maximization, cashless payments, marketing loyalty, all integrated into one easy to use platform.

Cannabis Delivery Made Easy

From new delivery operation to existing - we help improve delivery efficiency through mapping, pricing, and integrations.

Need eCommerce for Pickup?

This is super easy. We link your point of sale, add your products, and you are off to the races.

Ask us about our conversion rates!

  • Taxes

  • Single Store

  • Multi-Store

  • MSO

  • Cashless Payments

  • Pay in Store

  • Live Inventory

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Getting started with Delivery?

We help you get delivery off the ground. Software, introductions, best practices, and much more.

If you are looking to get cannabis delivery technology set up, your first stop should be a Verda demo.

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Looking to improve your existing delivery operation?

Our software helps large and existing delivery operations improve their efficiency.

Is your software provider managing each individual local tax? Are you able to control your delivery regions to maximize profit? If not, let's talk.

  • Taxes

  • Cashless Payments

  • Small Operations

  • Large Operations

  • Instant online menu

  • Delivery Region Management

  • Live Inventory

  • API (coming soon)

  • Delivery Network (coming soon)

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Integration hub that connects to your existing tools

We are the connection between your online store, and your existing tools. No need to deal with messy operating procedures to accommodate a bad tech provider!

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And More!

Did you know that customers spend 30% more online?

Living Skies Cannabis saw a 40% growth in delivery orders month-over-month
& average order size increased by over 19% after adopting Verda!
Living Skies Cannabis powered by Verda
“Verda really wowed me... and now here we are, months later, and it’s working out for the both of us in the best ways"

Living Skies Cannabis

Cierra Sieben-Chuback


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