Delivery man standing out front of residence smiling

How to Add Cannabis Delivery to Your Dispensary

Danielle Poirier

Part 3: Cannabis Retail Technology Series

We’ve seen regions welcome the idea of cannabis delivery as an emergency measure put in place for the duration of COVID, but we also see progressive regions, who have already been offering this service and continue to see wicked success.

Offering cannabis delivery is a rising trend across North America where regulations allow, and in these regions and it’s quickly becoming consumer’s preferred way to shop.

So how do you go about adding cannabis delivery to your dispensary?

Delivery man standing out front of residence smiling
Dispensaries across North America implement cannabis delivery to easily boost their bottom line and impress customers.

Why should you add cannabis delivery?

Before going right into how to add cannabis delivery, first, let’s cover why you should do it in the first place.

Have your customers asked about delivery options before? People want to shop from the comfort of their own homes and on their own time, but the real excitement starts after the order is placed. Customers rave about the Amazon experience, where they can place their order online and receive it in no time, and it’s experiences like these that draw consumers in for the buy. In fact, 80% of consumers stress that same-day home delivery is an important factor when they decide where to shop online, and 58% are willing to pay to get it quickly!

Plus, let’s face it… people are busy and lineups are more common than not these days.

“We’re living in the age of Skip the Dishes and Amazon, where people expect that they can get things delivered to their door same-day or in a matter of days. So for some people, it’s seemed obvious that we had delivery available and more shocked if we didn’t have it, but we also get our fair share of customers who are blown away and can’t wait to try it out.”

Cierra Sieben-Chuback, Owner of Living Skies Cannabis, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Delivery is also a great solution for those individuals who have tight schedules, mobility issues, or just want the comfort and convenience of shopping from their own home

“Despite stigma relaxing, there are still a lot of taboos surrounding cannabis, and some people don’t necessarily want to be seen in a dispensary just yet, so delivery is a great option for them.”

Benefits of having cannabis delivery

  1. Service a much larger audience of customers – Anyone in your delivery area can be a potential customer!
  2. Adding delivery future-proofs your store and primes it to continue growing.
  3. Gain a competitive edge against your local competitors and be the first to offer delivery in your area!
  4. Free up your budtenders and save your line for customers who want the in-store experience
  5. Built-in complianceVerda’s eComm solution offers everything from purchase limits, taxes, and ID checks built-in, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  6. Easily manage your drivers and routes so whether you have your own drivers or you’re using ours, you’ll always be able to oversee order fulfillment.

How to add delivery to your dispensary

1. First, find out what the regulations are for your area

If you’re looking to add delivery options to your dispensary, you need to take a look at the specifics of what your store can legally do. We recommend that any retailer considering eCommerce and implementing cannabis home delivery should ensure that their region allows for third-party companies to host your store’s products and services.

2. Start slowly by allowing your customers to pick up in-store or curbside

Take the extra step toward impressing your customers and add pickup options! This is the simplest way to begin building out your service offerings and it’s simple to get started. Learn more about click and collect for dispensaries here!

3. Trial delivery at your own speed and comfort level

We believe that on-demand home delivery is the future of cannabis retail, but regulations are still evolving across North America. We will only operate as per what is legally available for your store.

As soon as regulations allow you to start offering home delivery, then we’ll have everything you need to be successful at the flip of a switch, and the beauty is that you can go at your own pace.

Setting up in-house delivery with Verda

If you have your own set of drivers, then we have all the software needed to keep your eCommerce simple. Through POS integrations, and intuitive route management software, managing drivers, routes, and order fulfillment is as easy as managing a single dashboard.

Work with our delivery partners

If your region allows for the use of third-party couriers, then you can work with our dedicated courier partners! In this scenario, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding employees willing to do deliveries, but professionals who check every compliance box would do it on your behalf.

Whichever options make the most sense for your store, or whichever option is allowed in your region, we will help you get started and continue winning business now and in the future.

“A lot of people like to physically come into the store, but then there are still those who want to shop but they just can’t get down to the store or they’re at home because they are sick or just don’t want to leave their homes.

Delivery is just a really great option to have for everyone, even if you’re that customer who likes to mostly get their cannabis in-store — just knowing that it’s an option is really helpful and it will be something that people will remember when they’re in a pinch.”

– Cierra Sieben-Chuback, Owner of Living Skies Cannabis, Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Read our Cannabis Retail Technology Series! Part 1: Adopting Cannabis E-Commerce & Part 2: Promote your Store with Pickup.

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