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Everything You Should Know When Adopting Dispensary eCommerce

Danielle Poirier

Part 1: Cannabis Retail Technology Series

When it comes to opening a dispensary, you end up becoming the master of most trades; having to learn processes from finding a location, managing licensing, overlooking construction, plus figuring out how to staff, estimating & ordering inventory, and the list could go on. Now it comes time to learn about selling online, but how do you even start to go about choosing technology for this & what are some of the key features that you should be looking for before you invest? Adopting dispensary eCommerce can be a difficult process when you don’t know where to start – and that is what we’re going to help you decide on today.

Why should you add dispensary eCommerce?

Adopting an e-commerce solution for your store is a lot more than something that puts your products online, but it also gives you options to develop your store in the future as well.

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Selling legal cannabis online is the latest retail trend to hit the industry. Learn how to adopt and best suit the tech for your store.

It’s a great base when it comes time to introducing tools like CRM, delivery and delivery management, and an experience your customers can have in the comfort of their own home. While e-commerce is a great addition when considering how to improve your bottom line, it’s also quickly becoming the norm for dispensaries across North America with the world moving toward being primarily virtual.

Tips for choosing dispensary eCommerce tech

  1. Make sure you can host your e-commerce on your own site and own the data. You want your brand to be front-and-center of all interactions with your customers. Make your brand stand out and impress!
  2. Opt for the least amount of software that can do the most for your store. Adopting one turn-key solution is going to be easier for the initial set-up and it’s more likely to optimize your store going forward, both now, and when the industry reaches a mature state.
  3. 9/10 times, the most expensive software is not the way to go, especially with an industry that is still evolving like ours. Research all of your options and to invest in e-commerce that will show you returns that are long-lasting — because the most expensive options probably aren’t it.
  4. Make sure it’s future-proof. It not only has to be considerate of how dynamic the regulatory environment is in the cannabis industry, but it also has to be able to quickly adapt to these new changes with solutions that are ready to go.

Boost your bottom line!!

On top of getting your store online, you’ll want to consider how hands-off you want your e-commerce and what initiatives you may want to introduce in the future.

Integrating your eCommerce directly with your POS system keeps your day-to-day simple.

  • Your inventory looks modern and is organized to be simple. It’s also dynamic, so when sales are made and your store accepts the order, your inventory will automatically adjust itself.
  • Creating reports is just as easy. When it comes time to submit a report, the information regarding e-commerce sales will already be in place.
  • Sales data is automatically pulled into powerful insights and analytics. Find a birds-eye-view of what you sell, how you sell it and even spot trends to stock more effectively.

Save your time and theirs by automating your eCommerce:

  • Accept online payments and let them pay ahead of time.Here, customers will have the option to pay online, so you’ll never have to manually enter a credit card again.
  • Keeping it simple. Because your customers pay ahead of time, your budtenders and delivery drivers simply check their ID, and then they can be on their way!

Start future-proofing your store with industry-leading partners, all aiming to impress your customers!

  • CRM integrations help you sell more and strive toward earning loyal customers who will purchase time and time again. Your e-commerce should give you options on how to implement this into your current system.
  • User experience is the epitome of having a successful online presence. Ensure that your partners are committed to improving your system and making the experience seamless and intuitive for your customers.
  • Delivery management is going to be a huge asset when it comes to the time for your store to add delivery capabilities, either by outsourcing drivers or bringing on staff of your own — manage routes and orders all from your delivery dashboard, and deliver the ultimate brand experience.

Bringing your store online is easier than you think and it’s a trend that’s here to stay. Consider adding online options for your store to not only improve your customer’s experience now but to begin making changes for what your store can offer when the cannabis industry matures throughout North America.

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