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How to Get Started with Click and Collect for your Dispensary

Danielle Poirier

Part 2: Cannabis Retail Technology Series

Companies like Opentable, Amazon, and UberEats have paved the way and set industry standards for providing customers with convenience. Consumers overwhelmingly opt for quality and price when asked what matters most when shopping, while just 1/10 mention convenience. So while convenience is not cited to be at the top of shopper’s minds when they’re filling their cart, it is cited as the reason why 97% of purchases were abandoned at the last second – introducing click and collect for dispensaries.

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Cannabis consumers are choosing convenience and opting for pickup from their local favourites.

2020 continually proves how powerful e-commerce is and that it’s here to stay. Over time, consumers demand more options that bridge the gap between online, offline, and everything in between, so providing convenient and flexible options for your customers to shop is a sure-fire way to gain lifelong customer loyalty.

So if click and collect for dispensaries is permitted in your area, then the first step for you will be to adopt an eCommerce solution that fits your store’s goals.

Once you have your e-commerce all set up, the next step is to give your customers options to buy online and pickup in-store or curbside (BOPIS), and it’s guaranteed to impress time and time again.

Why customers choose click and collect

According to the National Retail Foundation’s Winter 2020 Consumer Report, over 9/10 shoppers choose where they shop based solely on convenience, and 70% of shoppers site that buying online with the option to pick up in-store improved their overall outlook and experience with the brand.

Customers ultimately want options that make buying easier and more convenient for them. Initiating click and collect for your dispensary is the first step of convenience. You aren’t only building a stronger relationship with your customers, but you’re also priming your business to grow. By initiating pickup options, you have the freedom to be flexible with how your customers shop!

They can order anywhere, and directly from their smartphone

More and more shoppers are migrating from making their purchases on a computer or laptop to their smartphones, so it’s important to have an online shop that is dynamic and accessible from a mobile device.

Stock is guaranteed

Show your customers everything you want to be made available in your stock! This not only lets your customers see what is available to purchase, but it also gives you an opportunity to have in-store or online promotional exclusives.

Service is faster than ever

Allow your customers to order online, reserve their products, and pay ahead of time for fast curbside or in-store pickup! All your employees will need to do is confirm their ID and then they can be on their way! Just like that.

It’s free to pickup

Shoppers will abandon their cart if shipping methods are too expensive  — Click and collect is much easier and time-efficient for both your staff and your customers. By having the customer pay in advance, your staff can simply prep the order and put it aside for whenever the customer comes to pick it up — avoiding putting valuable products on hold for customers who may or may not go through with the sale.

How click and collect will benefit you

Boost sales effortlessly with a convenient option for your customers to shop and pick up.

Pickup orders print as soon as they come in. Your staff can prep the order ahead of time to keep operations running smoothly.

Your customers pay ahead of time online, so all you have to do is prep the order, confirm their ID when they come in, and then they can be on their way!

Cut the queue in your storefront. Fast-lanes for customers who pre-order are popularly implemented for BOPIS initiatives. They help get these customers in and out fast — it also shows that you have simple, flexible options for how to shop, and others will notice!

Built-in compliance — everything from purchase limits, taxes, and ID checks are there for you, so you don’t have to worry about it when it comes time to submit reports.

How to start

After integrating our platform with your POS, it’s as easy as us flipping an ‘on’ switch! We’ll work with you until all of the details of your online storefront have been ironed out and your live menu is up and running. When orders come in they’ll print out automatically, prompting your staff to begin prepping the order. Because we integrate directly with your POS, payments are all recorded and marked with information from the transaction, making it easy to bring on-board, easy to continue reporting, and easy to boost sales!

Haven’t integrated your POS yet? Contact our team and we can get the process started!

What’s the next step?

We believe that on-demand home delivery is the future of cannabis retail, but regulations are still evolving.

Every region has its own set of rules to abide by in terms of recreational cannabis retail and home delivery, and we will only operate as per what is legally available for your area. Once regulations allow, we can open up permissions for your account and allow you to do more business online.

Start in stages, and grow at your own pace.

  1. E-commerce
  2. Click and Collect (in-store or curbside pickup)
  3. In-house delivery
  4. Sourced couriers

Every store is different and growing at different paces, so when the time is right, you’ll know when to start your next step!

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