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Tips for Perfecting Your Cannabis eCommerce Experience

Danielle Poirier

How Custom Collections Benefit You & Your Customers at the Same Time

If you have a cannabis eCommerce store, you probably know that with growing competition, it can be hard to stand out. There are many factors that contribute to customer retention, but having an online checkout experience that is as smooth and informative as the in-store experience is a box that all retailers are aiming to check off.

The real key to success for your online store is creating a flow that puts the right products, in front of the right customers, at the right time. Easy right? Well, this seems to be something that many dispensaries are still actively working on. Consumers are coming to expect organization and categorization to help them filter through your inventory, and on top of product placement, having a digital presence is becoming more and more critical for business, so targeting your audience carefully & focusing your efforts on your customers will seriously help you win them over in the long run.

Mimic your in-store experience

To begin to mimic your in-store experience online, I want you to think about what your customers connect with right when they enter your store. Is it signage they see first? A display, maybe? A promotional banner? Think of it as if you’re trying to find your way in a place that is unfamiliar to you. Chances are, that you’ll be looking for markers that help you find your way.

By providing your shoppers with some guidance, you’ll not only capture your shoppers interest right away, but you’re also giving your new customers with a baseline of how to shop your store and smoothly get through your checkout.

Guide customers that aren’t sure what they’re looking for or where to start

67% of all shoppers are looking for some kind of support during the buying process, so having custom collections that your customers can relate to right away not only highlights these select products in a desirable way but also lets you showcase your brand and your personality!  

Custom collections appear in front of your customers as collections of products to browse. These collections are unique because they are completely hand-crafted by you and your brand. Creating custom collections takes only a few minutes and are great for promoting specialty products that can be grouped together to appeal to specific niches of your customers.

Here are just a few of the cannabis custom collections that we’ve seen retailers use (and seen success from!):
  • Products with eco-friendly packaging 
  • Locally grown/local companies
  • Staff picks
  • Steals of the week
  • Essentials for the season
  • Most popular items under $50
  • Taste-breakers (A taste-breaker is a collection of perhaps less-popular items, but brought front-and-center for the customer to try instead of their ‘usual’)

Another key way to organize products is by interest, activity, or trends!

Tip: In Verda, creating cannabis custom collections is as easy as coming up with collection titles, searching & selecting products, and picking your favourites to feature. 

Personalization leads to repeat shopping 

Consider including cannabis custom collections that appeal to all different types of shoppers! According to the 2017 State of Personalization Report, providing a tailored shopping experience leads to happier and more loyal customers. 

  • 44% of consumers will likely become repeat buyers,
  • 39% are likely to tell friends or family, 
  • 32% are more likely to leave a positive review, & 
  • 22% are likely to post a positive comment on social media 

So by setting up a handful of collections that relate to a wide array of customers, you’re more likely to see repeat business and lifetime loyalty! 

Self-service is the future of eCommerce

These days, people like their space and shopping online at their own pace! 

The pandemic has shifted much of consumer spending from being offline to now being online, and things like immediacy, convenience, and speed are now top consumer trends. On top of that, consumers enjoy the online experience for many other reasons. Shopify’s Future of Ecommerce Report 2021 notes that 47% enjoy seeing a greater product range, 43% like the ability to compare products, 38% like having more product information available, 29% enjoy an undisturbed browsing experience, & 23% just prefer shopping online and self-service in general.

It’s safe to say that investing your time into relatable and relevant product recommendations for your online store is going to be a major asset for your dispensary in 2021.  

Getting started with Verda is a piece of cake 

For retailers, Verda is a free tool that effectively drives more customers and sales to your store! Book a demo with us online, connect with us on social media, or contact us directly.

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