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Launch & Scale Your Dispensary with Cannabis Retail Technology

Danielle Poirier

Essential eCommerce Functionalities to Future-Proof Your Store

As a dispensary owner, you understand that you need the proper tools to run your business efficiently. But just like anything, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to cannabis retail technology. Plus, it’s easy to have too many solutions plugged in as well. 

The tech you choose will determine the strengths and limitations of your brand and how competitive you can be in the future. So, consider where your business will be in 1, 2, 5 & 10 years… is your technology able to support your growing business and growing needs?

Many dispensaries have come to adopt some kind of eCommerce system & other aiding cannabis retail technologies to build a system that works compliantly, and together as one. 

Today, we’re reviewing & highlighting the cannabis retail technology tools a dispensary will want to have right away & others that are going to be really great to have when the time is right.

The cannabis retail technology to launch your dispensary with 🚀

At Verda, we give you access to all of our tools so that you can scale your empire on your own schedule. 

An integrated POS 🔌

This one is essential. Your POS boils down to be the core of much of your business. From real-time inventory tracking to keeping your records straight, your POS is going to save you years of stress, making things like reporting effortless. 

Integrating your point-of-sale with your eCommerce is essentially going to automate your online store. You’ll be able to show your customers the most up-to-date information about your store and inventory, so when sales are made & your store accepts the order, your system’s inventory will automatically adjust itself across the board. 

With Greenline, Verda has built a seamless system to make it as easy as possible for the retailer so that they can set the integration and forget it, plus upkeep is a breeze. 

Cashless payments 💸

Accepting contactless payments in-store and online helps you build a seamless & secure checkout. Your customers can rest knowing that buying cannabis online is as easy as buying anything else online, plus it checks all the boxes for compliance. Kicking off cashless payments also helps you manage more transactions internally & keep a strong competitive edge as more ways to pay for cannabis come to the surface. 

Having contactless payments is just one of the many evolving expectations that consumers have when they go shopping in 2021, so by integrating with a cashless solution like Global Payments, your eCommerce will be on track to self- automate, so all you need to do is pack and prep your orders!

An embedded online store 🖥

Make sure you can host your eCommerce on your own site & own the data. With Verda, you can host your own website & online store with just one line of code, making it easy to get started! 

Plus, you want your brand to be front-and-center of all the interactions with your customers, so make sure that your website stands out! 

Pickup functionality🛍

According to the National Retail Foundation’s Winter 2020 Consumer Report, over 9/10 shoppers choose where they shop based solely on convenience, and 70% of shoppers site that buying online with the option to pick up in-store improved their overall outlook and experience with the brand.

Offering click & collect is easy & time-efficient for both your staff and your customers. By having the customer pay in advance, your staff can simply prep the order and put it aside for whenever the customer comes to pick it up — avoiding putting valuable products on hold for customers who may or may not go through with the sale.

Online marketplace presence 🏬

Marketplaces have access to customers and traffic that wouldn’t otherwise stumble across your store. They become a great addition to how you sell online and help spread the word about your brand presence and the community that you serve, earning you more genuine and loyal shoppers. 

Show your potential customers what your store has to offer & how they can get it! Marketplaces offer a space to display your live menu, offer pickup, delivery & the most up-to-date contact information for your store. It’s an easy way to reach more people than ever before & it can become a great (& free) additional stream of revenue for you!

Analytics that you can understand 📊

Extract analytics & see data from your tech automatically collect & display for you. You

 In Verda, you will find a birds-eye-view of what you sell, how you sell it and even spot trends to stock your shelves more effectively in the future.

Cannabis retail technology to help you scale 📈

The cannabis industry is highly regulated, and cannabis laws, as we’ve seen over the last year or so, can change at the drop of a hat. Partner with technology providers that plan and develop for the future, regularly innovating & adapting to the dynamics of the industry.

At Verda, we know that you don’t want to pay for tools you don’t need/can’t use yet due to regulations, so that’s why we offer you our platform free, and when you do need to use some of our more advanced tools, then only then do you need to consider those additional costs. 

Deliver to your customer’s door 🚗

People want to shop from the comfort of their own homes & on their own time, but the real excitement starts after the order is placed. Customers rave about the Amazon experience, where they can place their order online and receive it in no time, and it’s experiences like these that draw consumers in for the buy. In fact, 80% of consumers stress that same-day home delivery is an important factor when they decide where to shop online, and 58% are willing to pay to get it quickly! Plus, let’s face it… people are busy and lineups are more common than not these days.

Delivery Management 📋

Delivery management is going to be a huge asset when it comes to the time for your store to add delivery capabilities, either by outsourcing drivers or bringing on staff of your own — manage routes & orders all from one dashboard, and deliver the ultimate brand experience. 

At Verda, we get help from industry experts in the space like Onfleet to help you keep your delivery operations running efficiently, no matter how you choose to do delivery.

In-house Drivers

If you have your own set of drivers, then we have all the software needed to keep your eCommerce simple. Through POS integrations, and intuitive route management software, managing drivers, routes, and order fulfillment is as easy as managing a single dashboard.

Outsourced Drivers

If your region allows for the use of third-party couriers, then you can work with our dedicated courier partners! In this scenario, you wouldn’t have to worry about finding employees willing to do deliveries, but professionals who check every compliance box would do it on your behalf.

Shipping 📦

While not widely available just yet, regional shipping is popping up everywhere as a fulfillment method, and it’s yet another way to bring your awesome array of products right to your customer’s doorstep! You can pack and curate the unboxing experience however you see fit, but this is a great opportunity to go above and beyond for your dedicated customers! 

Verda makes shipping easy through integrations like Canada Post, making your drop-off at the post office simple. The staff will simply scan the order, print the packing slip and you’re done! 

Marketing integrations 🏆

You’ll eventually want to introduce things like reward points for your loyal customers, or maybe special discounts & offers. Ensure that your eCommerce is able to integrate with cannabis marketing companies like Springbig, who are navigating complex cannabis laws to bring normalcy to purchasing cannabis. 

Partnering with cannabis retail technologies that are forward-thinking and constantly innovating is going to be key to scaling your business without the complicated tech headache. 

Take it from us – the industry is notorious for not making any regulatory changes, and then making changes (and lots of them) at the flip of a switch, & it’s because of this agility that being prepared for anything will give you the ultimate advantage. 

Whichever options make the most sense for your store, or whichever options are allowed in your region, we will help kickstart your business & continue winning you business now and in the future.

Looking to get started with eCommerce for your dispensary? Let’s talk! Book a demo or reach out directly at [email protected] to see how we can help you launch or scale your retail stores!

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