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Sell more cannabis online.

The all-in-one marketplace. Drive more sales at no extra cost or operational overhead. Yeah, it's really that easy.

How it works

All you have to do is pack the orders and count the extra dough & we'll take care of the rest.
Verda manages your product listings

You provide access to the point of sale integration, and we will make sure products are listed and featured to drive more sales to your business.

Verda drives traffic

We spend a bunch of money getting customers to purchase on Verda stores, and it works. All of our users come to Verda to purchase, not to browse. On average they spend $35 each.

Each order sends a notification straight to your staff's phone

Get order notifications sent straight to your phone, so the only work you have to do is packaging and processing orders.

And we can add your store to your website!

Add Verda into your website and get $250. Yeah you read that correctly, we will pay you to make more money!

Drive more orders, in any province or state.

Offer Local Delivery & Shipping Options


Service delivery with your own drivers or work with our licensed delivery partners.
Utilize advanced delivery tools to plan routes, set delivery zones, manage drivers and more.
Don't worry, we help you set this all up!

  • Price by delivery zone
  • Set delivery minimums
  • Regional shipping
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Customer receiving delivery from dispensary

Add Pickup
Curbside or In-Store


Offer your customers who are planning their visit ahead of time with convenient reserve ahead & pickup options, including the ability to pay online ahead of time.

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Customer picking up order from dispensary

Display Your Live Inventory Online


Show your customers what's in stock! Live menus display products that you have in-stock, and when products sell out, they automatically remove themselves from your online store.

Just restocked your POS? No problem! Your inventory will sync in real-time and restock your online shelves as well.

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Man managing live menu

Did you know that customers spend 30% more online?

Living Skies Cannabis saw a 40% growth in delivery orders month-over-month
& average order size increased by over 19% after adopting Verda!
Living Skies Cannabis powered by Verda
“Verda really wowed me... and now here we are, months later, and it’s working out for the both of us in the best ways"
Living Skies Cannabis
Cierra Sieben-Chuback

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